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Picture of Mackenzie Melo
The Spiritist Science is Online
by Mackenzie Melo - Sunday, 7 February 2010, 10:34 PM
The Spiritist ScienceDear beloved participants,

We are very happy to announce that the second part of Phase I of the e-Spiritism Roadmap Program is available to those who already finished Spiritism 101.

If you already finished the first course (Spiritism 101), request your Enrollment key and begin studying The Spiritist Science right away.

See you inside!
Picture of e-Spiritism Administrator
by e-Spiritism Administrator - Sunday, 3 January 2010, 03:04 PM

Please contact the Administrator at info@espiritism.org to receive your "enrollment key".

Spiritism 101 is the first course available. And it is prerequisite to the following one (The Spiritist Science).

The Spiritist Science course will come soon. Stay tuned!!!

Picture of Mackenzie Melo
by Mackenzie Melo - Sunday, 22 November 2009, 11:20 PM
Dear e-Spiritism participants,

First MilestoneWe are happy to announce that our online course has already reached its first milestone.

Last Saturday (November 21, 2009) we had our first participant to finish our first online course, Spiritism 101. She was able to answer all the quizzes; she took a lot of time to provide great answers to all essay questions; and she even made excellent drawings for the art projects proposed in the course. Also, we can't avoid mentioning that her online presentation, where we were able to see and hear her, while looking at the powerpoint presentation she used was very enlightening and powerful, to the point of letting our eyes filled with the salty waters that usually wash the windows of our souls... We deeply thank the effort and love she put in the course.

Why are we letting you know this, you may be asking. Well, it is mainly because we really believe that we all grow when we share good news with our friends, but also because we think that this serves as a powerful incentive to all of you to keep working on the course.

You can do it and you will be able to finish it! Just keep moving forward and working on the course.

Remember: If you have any question, there are many options to reach people that can help you. You can send messages to one of the course facilitators (Vanessa Anseloni, Daniel Santos, or Mackenzie Melo). You can use the chat room (opened every Wednesday from 10pm to 11pm EST). You can also leave a message in one of the many forums that most certainly some of your colleagues or even the facilitators may go there to answer your questions.

The only thing we don't want you to do is to give up. Give yourself a chance. Try again and again. And, if you feel like as if you can't do it alone, call us, send messages to us, we are here to help in any possible way.

Let us reassure you: we know you can.

See you soon in your next assignment!

Allan Kardec






“A regular course on Spiritism would be given in order to develop the principles of Science and to promote the fondness for serious studies. This course would have the advantage of laying the foundation for the unit of principles, of forming enlightened followers, capable of spreading the spiritist ideas, and developing a great number of mediums. I consider this course of a nature to exercise capital influence on the future of Spiritism and its consequences.”

Allan Kardec
“Posthumous Works” - Project, 1868